Twenty-Six Lifetimes

I am Today
Adorned with all my yesterdays
Twenty-Six lifetimes poised before you
Like fine wine mellowed with time

I’ve explored distant galaxies
Paved eccentric paths
Conceived ideas unborn to man
Revived my essence

Unscathed I proffer knowledge
Of a thousand feasts
You hunger but refuse to eat
Spill blood of a thousand broken hearts
You thirst for love yet will not drink

I’ve tasted your unborn
Bathed in spoils of your passion
Danced in rhythm with your heart
In and out
Of time
With mine

Replete with seed of your lust
Yet starved because

I am Today
Eden’s Harvest
Ripe, Waiting, Longing
For One Soul
Of these twenty-Six lifetimes
Poised before you