The Aquarian Woman

Excerpt from The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need 

by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

 “This charming, funny, brainy, tantalizing woman doesn’t have to play games to fascinate a man. She plays herself. There is a special magnetism to Aquarius that some astrologers have called distant glamour. Like all the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), she lives in a world of ideas and possesses a certain detached quality. Curiously, this attracts men who want to stir her emotions.

She is not aloof, cold, or removed from feeling, but warm, vibrant, friendly, and outgoing, concerned with others. She’s a woman with a strong romantic streak. Romance for Aquarius is an idea, not a sweeping passion. In truth, she is wary of emotion, for it can be troublesome and tiresome. She is above that; she is able to deal rationally with life.

Aquarius female is subject to no man’s whim and follows no dictates but her own. She was a liberated woman before anyone ever heard of the women’s movement. This supremely independent woman cares little what the rest of the world thinks. She is definitely unpredictable. Part of her attitude is reflected in her imaginative approach to sex. Her boudoir behavior is usually innovative and creative; she seeks novelty and diversion more than heavy-breathing passion.

However unconventional her attitudes may be, and however flirtatious she may seem, a man will have to convince her that she’s not simply his target for the night. He cannot make the mistake of treating her as a sex object. She expects to be courted; and a man should not press matters to a conclusion until he knows more about her than her telephone number. Passion is not important to her; communication is. Aquarius sees a man as an individual first and a bed partner second.

In marriage or a serious relationship she often finds it hard to give of herself. She is an unconventional person who lives most intensely in her mind. She’s too concerned with her projects, hobbies, interests, friends, so her love tends to be diffuse. She has been accused of loving mankind rather than one particular man

Once her passions are aroused and directed toward a specific man, however, she is loyal and devoted. When Aquarius makes a promise she stands by her word. After all, that is what honor and idealism are about, and those are hallmarks of this sign.

Some say the Aquarian woman is the perfect mate because she is easy to deal with, tolerant, slow to take offense, never jealous or unreasonable, never over-emotional or clinging. All she asks is for a man to respect her privacy and not stand in the way of her far-reaching interests.

The quickest way to lose her is to try to hold her fast. What intrigues her is the hill beyond the unexplored horizon. She is never content to stay where she is. There’s too much out there waiting to be discovered. A man has to share her love of a challenge or he will soon be left behind. She will move on without a backward glance, a grand ship sailing on without an inkling of the tragedy in her wake.”

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