Hello and welcome to my home. I’m so happy you stopped by to see me. Come on in and let me take you on a tour of each and every room so you’ll know just where to find things on your next visit.

Upon entering each room, you’ll find my various blogs. I won’t take up too much of your time here in the foyer because there’s lots to see; so let’s get going. After our tour, feel free to stop by anytime you’d like and browse each room at your leisure. After all, mi casa es su casa and you’re always welcome.

Living Room


Here in the living room I’ll share my daily musings and adventures. Anyone familiar with me on Facebook will have an idea about what to expect with that. I’ll be spending more time here than on Facebook; so if you aren’t yet following my Tea Room Diaries Facebook page, please stop by and give it a like so you’ll always know when I’ve posted something new here.

Family Room


In the family room, you’ll find family videos. I first started creating videos in 2015 in honor of my mother as she approached her 80th birthday.  That project has grown tremendously since then, so  I hope you’ll visit often and watch all my family videos. I promise you won’t be bored!

Dining Room

DiningNot only am I blogging here at Tea Room Diaries, I’m also entering the world of affiliate marketing; so in the dining room, you’ll find links to a variety of products and services that I think you’ll love; and maybe an occasional food-related blog. I’m still decorating and organizing so I hope to make it easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for when you visit.

My Boudoir


The bedroom is where I share my poetry, my post-divorce dating experiences, and my personal thoughts on relationships and dating in general.

And if you happen to be looking to spruce up your bedroom, you’ll find links to my favorite bedroom décor and furnishings as well.

Treasures ‘n Memoirs


Tea Room Diaries is not just about my Memoirs, it’s also about the Treasures I find online; so in my closet I’ll provide links to the latest fashions, home décor and anything else I think you might like. I absolutely love window shopping and decorating so I’m going to enjoy surfing the internet for the perfect items for you! I’ll also share six decades of family photos along with bits of historical information about each decade.



The library is where I share my views on social issues, politics, and even religion. Beware before entering the library if you are easily offended because I hold no punches. I’ll also be sharing links to some of my favorite books as well as those I think you’ll enjoy reading.

Powder Room

Powder Room

I once attempted to create my own skincare line and soon realized I was way out of my league. However, with all my research I discovered some amazing skincare secrets that are working wonders on my skin.

Not only will I share what I’ve learned, I’ll also provide links to various natural skincare products that I’m sure you’re going to love. So whether or not you have to powder your nose, be sure to step inside my powder room to see all the wonderful products displayed on my vanity.


laundry room

The laundry is where I share the stories that were inspired by my “Dear John” letters dating back to 1989. The letters were written during my stormy courtship with my then fiancé, Leon. I wrote the letters during our many breakups, which started soon after our first date! As my stories will reveal, each breakup was due to lies and infidelity.

I won’t air all my dirty laundry here in the foyer; but just to give a little background before you enter the laundry… when Leon and I first met, he had not yet ended his six-year relationship with another woman; and I got caught in the middle of the storm. Once I got wind of what was going on, all hell broke loose.  That’s as much as I’ll say for now, but you’ll find all the dirty details of our turbulent courtship here in my laundry room.

That completes our brief tour of my home. As you have seen, I have some exciting treasures in store for you. I hope you will find something of great value here and that you leave with a desire to visit often. You are certainly welcome to stop by anytime you wish for a heartwarming cup of spice tea for your soul.