Our Rocky Start

Talk about love getting off to a rocky start! Only three months into my relationship with Leon and it became painfully obvious that my knight in shining armor hadn’t yet cleared the cobwebs from the dungeon of his castle. His ex-girlfriend, Gail, kept crawling back into his life and he kept lying to me about what was going on between them.

I thought I was through with him once I knew for sure he was still seeing his ex, but I kept going back for more. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment.  Whatever the cause for my gluttony, this is the first of many letters I wrote to Leon during our two years of dating. Judging by this letter, you might find it hard to believe that I actually married this man. I thought about not sharing the letter because it’s so very nasty; but I figured if I’m going to tell my story, I may as well be totally open and honest about it.  So, this letter reveals exactly how my life with Leon began… 


Before it’s all over you’re going to lose everything that ever mattered to you because the truth is not in you. You are a pathetic liar. You are so full of shit that it’s oozing out of you by the gallons. I’m not as dumb as you seem to think I am. You try to cover your ass with all your lawyer logic, but I do know that some things in life are constant and can be seen in plain old black and white no matter how hard you try to hide them… like when it comes to math, 2 + 2 will always be 4.  I try to use that same logic in life; so when things don’t add up, I know something ain’t right. 

I’m too logical to believe that BS you try to run on me. Your best bet is to just keep running it on Gail and whoever else is falling for it. You need to realize before it’s too late that you’re not as young as you used to be. I guess what I’m trying to say is, when you try to please too many women at once, you end up pleasing none—sexually speaking. You’d like to believe that you were blessed with great prowess but what you were really blessed with is an enormous imagination. You’re spreading yourself so thin that you can barely get it up, let alone keep it up. So take my advice and settle down with one woman before you end up fucking yourself into oblivion.

You are a great pretender and your life is falling apart because of it. You don’t give a damn about family. You want a woman who is family oriented so she can stay home and take care of your girls while you run the streets. Well, I’m sorry, you still haven’t found her ‘cause I’m not staying home alone for anybody.

I’ve wasted enough time in my life already and I refuse to waste anymore of it on you. I know I can make the right man happy because I will be there for him and he wouldn’t have to worry about my running the streets or cheating on him. But be clear, the right man for me will need just one woman to satisfy his needs; and that counts you out.

And the drama had only just begun, so stay tuned and buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!  Be sure to read Diamond in the Rough to understand why I wasn’t willing to give up on Leon despite his infidelity.