Natural Cosmetics

No Chemicals Allowed! Using natural cosmetic products is the best thing you can do for your skin and Au Naturale Cosmetics makes that choice easy! So don’t be cruel when you can be kind. It’s easier than ever to protect your skin from toxic chemicals while saving an animal’s hide too!

I don’t like the idea of animals being harmed just so I can appear more perfect on the outside. Harming innocent creatures is ugly and I don’t want any part of it because what I feel on the inside is just as important as how I appear on the outside. That’s why making the choice to wear natural cosmetics was an easy choice for me.

Animals Have Feelings Too So Go Au Naturale


Think of all the innocent little creatures you can save when you choose to go Au Natural with your skincare. There is no need for anyone to torture animals for the sake of beauty. If animals could speak a language we understand, we’d probably hear them pleading with us to use natural cosmetics. I’m sure they don’t like being lab rats even if they are in the rodent family.

When we apply our makeup each morning, we don’t stop to think about what we’re actually putting on our face. In fact, we rarely give it a second thought. Truth is, we don’t want to give up our rich pigments, smooth application, and staying power of our favorite foundation.

But you don’t have to sacrifice quality when you buy vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. Whether you’re Vegan or a meat eater, you will find common ground at an Au Naturale Cosmetics make-up counter.

Natural Cosmetics, Vegan, Paraben Free, Cruelty-Free, Organic


Au Naturale Cosmetics bridges the worlds of green and glamour so that no woman has to sacrifice her health and values for her beauty regimen. Not only is each and every Au Naturale product long lasting and notorious for color play, they are all made exclusively of the purest ingredients. Au Naturale Cosmetics is handmade in a privately owned lab in Green Bay, Wisconsin in order to maintain the transparency and integrity of their line.

Every product is vegan, organic, natural, made in the U.S, and PETA Certified


Buy cruelty-free cosmetics to save an animal, to save your skin or to save your conscience. It doesn’t matter why you do it, just do the right thing. It’s easier than ever to Go Natural with Au Naturale Cosmetics.