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Old man Winter is here! That means it’s time for my bedroom makeover and time to Shop Luxor Linens. I absolutely love the cozy and warm tones offered at Luxor. I don’t know about you but I like my bedroom to look and feel warm in the winter. That’s why I’m prepping my bedroom now for cold winter nights. I might be getting a late start but it’s better late than never!

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part about any project. f you don’t know where to begin with sprucing up your bedroom, Luxor Linens has perfect tips and tricks to help you transition your summer bedroom into your winter hibernation den.

Small Changes, Big Difference

You don’t have to be stuck looking at the same old tired décor all the time. Small changes make a big difference. Focus on changing the little things like throws, pillows, and rugs. Layering your rugs during the winter months, for example, will give your room a completely different look and feel.

Remember to Add Texture

Try matching up two different patterns. These little tricks will give your home a new look without doing damage to your savings. Adding a little texture is easy and inexpensive, and you can start by purchasing fresh new bedding from Luxor Linens. I promise you will get used to instant satisfaction with little work and minimal costs. That’s what I always aim for when I’m doing seasonal decorating. Try matching up two different patterns and transform your old summer bedroom into a winter oasis!

Texture examples

Warm textured accent pillows and blankets create a cozy atmosphere. When looking to add the perfect blend of textures don’t be afraid to consider leather, tweed, knit, and corduroy as viable options. They are mainstays in fabric so incorporate them when decorating. These textures will create instant coziness to your bedroom retreat.


Throw blankets are my best friend in the winter. They make excellent cuddle buddies and also add style to your sanctuary. Go ahead and throw on the throws! Placing a faux fur or knit throw over the end of your bed or couch will heighten your room’s potential!

Bring Outside Inside for Warmth

It can get super stuffy inside once the weather becomes unbearable. Plants help to bring the outside in and add a cozy, comforting atmosphere to your bedroom. They’re also good for your health so hurry to your local flower shop and pick out some of your favorite seasonal plants. Your lungs with thank you for the added oxygen in the room. Luxor Linens and plants are a match made in bedroom heaven!

Shop Luxor for Everything You Need to Spruce up Your Boudoir 

Whatever you’re looking for to spruce up your bed and bath, you’ll find it at Luxor. Shipping is free and if you’re not completely satisfied Luxor offers easy exchanges and free return shipping in the U.S.

Adriana Sateen Sheets are made with 100% Egyptian Cotton and they are so soft and comfortable you’ll want to hit the snooze button on your alarm to enjoy the comfort a few minutes more before jumping out of bed to get your day started.

Luxor Linens

Luxor Linens

I love going to the spa! Everything about the experience makes me happy. The scent of lavender, the pampering, the soft music playing in the background and the low lighting work wonders on my mood. I can’t always afford luxurious spa treatments, so I decided to create that very atmosphere in my home.  No cozy home spa is complete without the robe, so don’t forget to add Luxor’s Lakeview Signature 100% Egyptian Cotton Spa Robe to your order.