Let The Games Begin!

Gail was really bugging the hell outta me. She wanted me out of the way and always made a point to call Leon’s house if she thought I was there. One night in late spring of ’89, she called his house and seemed surprised that I had answered his phone; and because she suspected I was more than Leon’s platonic friend, she told me that she had spent the previous night with him.

At this point in our relationship, Leon and I had gone out just a few times and we hadn’t gotten serious yet, so Gail didn’t get the response she was hoping for.I understood that Leon had a life before he met me, so it was no surprise to me that a pussycat might still be lurking in the shadows of his past.  I was still pissed, though, hearing that she had spent the night with him. But pissed or not, I didn’t want her to know that she drew blood when she clawed at me with that bit of news; so I pretended to be unfazed by her comment and smugly reminded her that Leon was a grown man and was free to sleep with as many tramps as he wanted to sleep with.

I don’t know what response or reaction she was looking for, but I doubt she was expecting me to keep my cool.  So in retaliation, she hissed, clawed again, and then called me a bitch before she slammed the phone in my ear. Now being a grown woman and lady myself, physical altercations aren’t my thing; but if I’m pushed, I will pull out my pen on somebody in a minute. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. With my weapon of choice in hand, I penned the following note and mailed it to her house so she would know I knew where to find her if I needed to.


Since our last conversation, I had hoped we would get a chance to talk again; then I realized that wouldn’t be such a great idea since the word “bitch” seems to be the extent of your vocabulary and you really wouldn’t hold my attention very long. That being the case, I decided to drop you a line instead. And my only intention for doing so is to let you know that there is nothing you can say or do to make me stop seeing Leon. I happen to believe he is a good and decent man even if he does get an easy piece from you from time to time. I don’t concern myself with such trivialities and I certainly don’t find you to be a threat. It’s really sad to see a woman your age carrying on in such as asinine manner. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and bow out gracefully instead of acting like a desperate old woman.


And with that, the cat fight was on. Be sure to read, “The Earrings Are Off” to find out what caused me to put down my pen and pick up the mighty sword.