Brother Can You Spare a Dime

I wish people weren’t so willing to believe all the lies they hear about poor people lazing around and living it up at the expense of tax payers. It’s just not true. I grew up poor, and tax-funded social programs helped my mother feed, clothe and shelter her seven children with barely enough food left for her to eat.

With the meager monthly food allowance my mother received from the government, we still had a lot of hungry days; and sometimes our only meal was the left over bread and pastries we got from the neighborhood church at the end of the month.

Take it from someone who knows, there is nothing about getting the bare minimum from the government that makes people want to stay poor or helpless. What the government did for us with those social programs is help to keep us alive, and it gave us an opportunity to better ourselves and not have to stay in a hopeless and helpless situation just because we were born into it.

Many social programs help innocent children, the elderly, and underpaid workers. It would be great if corporations like Wal-Mart paid their workers a livable wage so tax dollars wouldn’t have to supplement their wages too.

The problem with our economy is not social programs; the problem is capitalistic greed, technology and outsourcing. If people are not bothered by the fact that their tax dollars are subsidizing billion dollar oil companies, why in God’s name are they bothered by their tax dollars helping children and seniors?

I could go on for days about how greed is destroying this country while the poor are blamed. The rich and greedy have so much money, they not only buy political favor they sell their agenda to gullible masses, convincing them to go along with a system that only benefits a few at the top.

The purpose of spending so much of their money on propaganda is to keep all eyes on the poor so no one will notice their greed and corruption. The wealthy minority in this country reap all the benefits of our freedom and democracy; they use all the resources this country has to offer; and then they hide their money in tax havens to avoid giving back to the very government that made it possible for them to succeed… And they do it because they don’t want to help anyone else… or they don’t feel it’s their responsibility.

They are the true takers. They take and they do not give. How much luxury does one man need to satisfy his greed before he is willing to feed one hungry child?

Firefighters, police officers, courts, judges, schools, libraries, parks, roads, railways, airports, street lights, bridges, water treatment plants – these are just some of the institutions and services we pool our money together with our taxes to make this society beneficial for all of us. Helping the disadvantaged through social programs is just one more way to help a society thrive.

Imbalance destroys and we’re seeing this play out right before our eyes. A few rich folks at the top, crushing multiple poor and disadvantaged at the bottom; let’s see how much longer we’ll last with this huge imbalance. One thing’s for sure: We won’t be the first great nation to fall and we won’t be the last.