Body and Soul

Pamper your body and soul with decadence and be inspired to live positively. Life Therapy combines one-of-a-kind scents and vibrant colors with luxurious mood-enhancing skincare products you can trust.



Choose Your Mood

Like most women, I have a collection of designer perfumes that I absolutely love; but they’re so expensive I only wear them when I’m getting ready for a night on the town. But even those times when I have no special occasion to attend, I still want to smell good!

I love wearing fragrances that reflect how I’m feeling; and I don’t always feel the same.  I also have trouble trying to select the perfect scent for my mood when I have no particular plans for the day.  There are times I might want to escape to the my room and read or just chill out on my patio. Other times I’m in a playful mood or maybe I’m feeling a little flirty. Whatever the case, I want my scent choices handy and easy to choose from.

If you’re like me and you sometimes prefer a lighter fragrance that also reflects your mood, then give Life Therapy’s delightful fragrances a try! Choose one or choose them all, the choice is yours so go ahead and Choose Your Mood…

Inspire Your Soul

Do you sometimes feel like Goldie Locks when looking for the perfect lotion for your skin? I certainly do!  My skin is so dry it soaks up lotion like a sponge and even before I reach for my clothes, my ash has returned.  For this reason I tend to try heavier lotions and creams; but the problem with those is they are too oily.  But like Goldie Locks, I did not give up until I found something just right for my skin.  Life Therapy’s moisturizing Body Cream is just what my skin so desperately needed.

It’s not too oily, not too watery, and it’s oh so creamy.  And not only is the texture perfect, it gives my skin a healthy and vibrant glow.  Life Therapy’s body cream is loaded with Shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E, B5, and almond and macadamia oils. Wow! No wonder my skin came back to life… These are the best skin foods ever!

All Natural

What I love most about Life Therapy products is that they are all natural.  This is important to me on many levels.  I don’t just care about how I treat myself; I also care about how I treat others… and that includes innocent little animals. They can’t protect themselves and that means they are our mercy.  When it comes to buying skincare products for myself I have one simple motto “Don’t be cruel when you can be kind.

Keep this in mind when you’re buying products for your skin.  You can protect your skin and save an animal’s hide if you choose to wear all natural skincare products – It is the best thing you can do for your skin and Au Naturale Cosmetics makes that choice easy!