One Day – Sorted Mementos

I realize with overwhelming sadness that “one day” has never come and probably never will. This realization intensifies as I sort through mementos, deciding which items I will take to my new apartment to stow out of sight for dust mites to enjoy and which items I will bid farewell to once and for all.

While excavating, I came across a number of keepsakes I had set aside over the years with plans to one day do something special with them. I didn’t want to leave them packed away never to be seen again; so I hoped to do something artsy with them and have them on display. I’m ashamed to admit, I never did anything artsy with any of them.


As for these mementos, I wonder if my first born remembers the love letter Kellie gave him one month after his 11th birthday; and I doubt that his almost complete set of baby teeth will ever serve a useful purpose in my life.

I don’t know if my second born will ever have children of his own to show off his citizenship award “Presented this 21st day of June, 1988″ or if I will ever re-read the hundreds of greetings cards I’ve held onto for so many years.  What I do know is that I cherish all those memories.

I smiled when I re-read the sentiments I penned inside a birthday card given to my now college sophomore, who must have been a toddler at the time judging by the puppy sitting in a little wagon pictured on the front of the card.

The card caught my falling tears and my smile slowly faded as I reached for the latest keepsake, which I contemplated relegating to the growing stack of obituaries; but the idea seemed cold and uncaring; so I kissed the lifeless piece of paper that enveloped mom’s eulogy before placing it atop the stale pile that lay before me.

I thought about how I’ll do something special with it one day but for now nothing comes to mind; nothing except I miss my mom  and I miss the days when my children were young.

But holding onto these mementos will keep all of them forever in my heart; so there’s a purpose after all for all these mementos. If I never do something special with the mementos on that ever elusive “one day,” they have already done so much for me.

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