Learning Taxes is Taxing

I have never in my entire life been as confused as I was when trying to learn how to prepare taxes… Well, except for the time I got lost going around the block looking for the utility company… That was really confusing.

But I have an excuse for my confusion that day. I had just moved to a new neighborhood and while out driving, I was caught in a blinding downpour. The rain came out of nowhere and was coming down so hard that my wipers swishing top speed across my windshield still did not clear my view.

On top of being blinded by pouring rain, it seemed somebody had switched the street signs before I made it around the block. One minute I was driving down Jefferson and next thing I knew I was on Wyandotte crying like a baby. I had no idea where the hell Jefferson went. That was over 30 years ago.

But tonight! The confusion doesn’t even compare. OMG!!! Profit and loss, capital gains, sale of stocks, Schedule D, Form 8940-something. Man! My confidence was so shattered when I left class, I now wonder if I’m even qualified to mop floors without getting step-by-step instructions AND some on-the-job training. I have a lot of studying to do between now and January because right now, it is not looking good very good for me.

All is not lost though, because if I don’t make the grade doing taxes, I can still mop floors and I have already found my new instructor…

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