Tax Class

I completed my first day of tax class today and I learned quite a bit… about myself anyway.

Right off the bat, I learned if I look in the general direction of the teacher and nod my head in agreement every now and then, I’ll look like I’m paying attention.

Once I perfected that ruse, I learned if I stop blinking for longer than 10 seconds my eyeballs will start burning. After about an hour of that activity, burning the backs of my eyes became as boring as class so I moved on to another favorite childhood pastime – staring out the window.

While counting the passing cars, I learned I can actually fall asleep with my eyes open. I know I dozed off at least twice trying to get through a single paragraph on tax filing rules because I felt my head slowly falling forward before I snapped it upright. I was startled awake after hearing a discussion about earning potential.

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!  Earnings… I like the sound of that!

I think I heard the teacher say Liberty Tax pays its employees $13.75 per hour just for standing on a corner in a Lady Liberty costume spinning a sign. I don’t know why she looked at me when she said it, but if she’s thinking about recommending me for that job, I’m taking it!

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