Road Rage

I’m driving along minding my own business and obeying the traffic laws, and this woman speeds past me on my left and cuts me off to jump in front of me while we were both making a two-lane right turn that immediately merged into one lane because of road work. I have very little tolerance for inconsiderate people and she really pissed me off.

If she was able to read my lips when she glanced in her rear view mirror, she knows I called her a bitch. I followed directly behind her for about a quarter of a mile before two lanes opened back up and she merged into the far left lane. I followed right behind her and also merged into the left lane.

The traffic signal up ahead was red so when she approached it and stopped, there I was… still behind her and not at all distracted by the conversations taking place inside my head; I swear the voices just never stop! When the light turned green and the traffic cleared for her to make a left turn, I too made a left turn directly behind her.

She continued on down the rode until she reached her apartment complex, and she circled around to the gate of the private garage. I pulled up directly behind her and waited patiently for the gate to open. When she drove into the garage, I followed her in. She slowly etched forward until she reached her assigned parking space, and she then made a left turn into it.

There was a spot open to the right of where she parked and I immediately pulled into that available spot. Before I could shut my engine off and gather my belongings, she had already exited her car and apparently ran at breakneck speed to the elevator because she was nowhere in sight when I exited my car. I chuckled under my breath visualizing her running for her life because apparently she was under the impression I followed her all the way to her residence to attack her for cutting me off.

In reality she had simply cut off a driver who not only lived in the same apartment complex as she but who also had an assigned parking spot right next to hers. That inconsiderate dingbat tasted the fear of retaliation that day and it serves her right. I hope it helps her to change her rude and reckless driving habits before she brings upon herself or others something far worse than momentary fear.

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